Swindler's Whiskey. Grumpy's Vodka. Ironface Gin. Fortuity Rum. Award-Winning Hand Crafted Spirits made from scratch in Longmont, Colorado.


Distillery PRODUCTION Hours

Monday-Friday: 9ish-2ish

(Bottle Sales, Tours* & Tastings usually available during Production Hours)


Tasting Room BAR Hours:

Wednesday & Friday starting at 5:00pm

Saturday starting at 4:00pm

(Tasting Room Bar hours include Bottle Sales, Tours*, Tastings AND our incredible Cocktails featuring our 25+ unique Grumpy's Vodka infusions!)


*No reservation needed for distillery tours during our production and Tasting Room Bar hours

Anvil Distillery has a home

Yes we signed a lease, so Anvil Distillery has a place to call home. We are in the process now of getting the space ready and applying for our TTB license. In the mean time here's a photo of our first Still. Thanks to the fine folks at Hillbilly Stills! They had a silent auction at the Denver ACDA convention and Anvil won the 100gal Micro Distiller at a great price. We are very grateful to Hillbilly for this opportunity as it gives us a great start to our venture.


Anvil Distillery's first Still !

Anvil Distillery's first Still !