Swindler's Whiskey. Grumpy's Vodka. Ironface Gin. Fortuity Rum. Award-Winning Hand Crafted Spirits made from scratch in Longmont, Colorado.


Distillery PRODUCTION Hours

Monday-Friday: 9ish-2ish

(Bottle Sales, Tours* & Tastings usually available during Production Hours)


Tasting Room BAR Hours:

Wednesday & Friday starting at 5:00pm

Saturday starting at 4:00pm

(Tasting Room Bar hours include Bottle Sales, Tours*, Tastings AND our incredible Cocktails featuring our 25+ unique Grumpy's Vodka infusions!)


*No reservation needed for distillery tours during our production and Tasting Room Bar hours


So we experimented for quite a while with our mash recipes and did a few distillations to get our process in place. Today we ran a second distillation on our "low wines" to see if we could get 190 proof/95% ABV from our small still so we can make Vodka. So far its success as the picture can attest to. Now we just have to increase the production line so we can do some bigger batches. 


190 proof