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iLaddie's Dare to All US Craft Distillers

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iLaddie (Whiskey Nerd)'s latest blog post does a thorough job explaining why the "Light Whiskey" category exists, and gives insight into some of the complex processes distilleries follow because of the history of the Whiskey industry. 

Our Swindler's Whiskey gets a special mention in his article -Thank you for the feature, iLaddie!

Want to learn more about why our Swindler's Light Whiskey is light in color, but not in flavor?  Read on:


Anvil's New Swindler's Whiskey is a Light Whiskey, and that doesn't mean it's light on flavor.  There are many classifications of whiskey, but what exactly is a "Light Whiskey"?  The official US Federal classification for Light Whiskey is any whiskey distilled from grain between 161 and 189 proof, and then aged or stored in seasoned, used or new uncharred oak containers/barrels.  


SWINDLER'S LIGHT WHISKEY is distilled at a higher proof since our recipe creates a sweeter flavor when brought off the still between 161 and 180 proof.  Because of this, it is classified as a "Light Whiskey" under the TTB's requirements, and so must also adhere to other aging restrictions for its class.  

Because we are required to age our whiskey in previously used barrels, we use spiced rum barrels from the Caribbean.  The combination of the higher proof and our barrels gives Swindler's a lighter color, hence the classification, "Light Whiskey".

SWINDLER'S LIGHT WHISKEY has a unique sweetness and rich, fragrant body with just a hint of smoke, reminiscent of Highland Scotch without the peat moss. But don't take our word for it - join us at the Distillery for a "wee dram" of Anvil's long awaited SWINDLER'S 1st Batch LIGHT WHISKEY, available Friday, April 21 at Anvil's Tasting Room.